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    Essential Tools Required By Light Technicians

    Creating a visual display in the form of a photograph or video is a very complex process. It requires a great deal of working with various surrounding elements and especially with the light in South Florida. It is the adjustments in the lighting angles, intensity, and focuses that create the mesmerizing picture. This is why most of such events and arrangements require the services of lighting and grip equipment in South Florida. These arrangements are adjusted to make optimum use of available natural and artificial light in controlled or open surroundings. Here are some of the essential tools used by light technicians.

    Multi-tool – This is the first to be an accessed tool for a lighting technician working with electricity. It is also known as “leatherman”. It comprises of multiple tools and equipments within itself like blades and scissors of varying sizes and numbers. Some of these multi-tool sets also contain swiss army knives made up of carbon steel.

    Line Tester – This is the most important tool for an electric technician. This is because it allows him to test a wire for having active current flow in it. It becomes very important if there is a disruption in the lighting and there is a complex network of cables to check from.

    Headlamps and torches – Shooting work involves going to such a location that may not have proper arrangements for lighting. Therefore, in any case of a power outage, the technicians are required to have headlamps or flashlights with them to continue their work in the presence of the required amount of vision and illumination.